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  Module Three: Tell Your Brand Story

COURSE VIDEO: Learn how to craft the perfect brand to attract your IDEAL clients or followers. Through this training, you'll discover design secrets as well as how to write content to appeal to your tribe.

RESOURCES: Below is a list of templates, tools, and resources to help you take the knowledge you learned in the course video and apply it to your business.

Frontify Sample Style Guide: Use this example to create your own branding guide (whether within Frontify or otherwise).

Brand Design Guide: Before you jump into logo design, create a comprehensive branding guide with this worksheet.

Mission Worksheet: Writing a mission from scratch can be intimidating! Use this guide to help you get started.

Persona Worksheet: Get a deeper understanding of your ideal client and audience by building out a persona that allows you to connect with them in a meaningful way.

SHSK Facebook Group: Get answers to your questions, support, and build connections in our private Facebook group of committed entrepreneurs.